We sow, grow, and harvest in the community, for the community.

Our Beginning

Our community driven Market Garden was established in March of 2016, by Seth and Lindsey Anderson, with the joint vision of providing Lassen County with locally grown produce from people they know and trust. We are creating a small-scale farm centered not only around the community, but using sustainable practices, as well. We will ensure that every plant only receives the finest stewardship during its life cycle by utilizing only organic practices, free of any GMOs, and never sprayed with any synthetic chemicals. 
Throughout this season and many to come, we hope to share not only our vision with as many members of the community but also talk about some of the super cool, low tech, and highly efficient tools we are using to make this dream a reality. Hope to see you all at the market. 

We need to replace mass production with production by the mass.
— Jean-Martin Fortier, Les Jardine De La Grelinette
Jang JP
MG in hoophouse
Organic farming appealed to me because it involved searching for and discovering nature’s pathways, as opposed to the formulaic approach of chemical farming. The appeal of organic farming is boundless; this mountain has no top, this river has no end.
— Eliot Coleman, The New Organic Grower: A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener

Our Mission

Rustic Rancher is a family owned, veteran operated, and community driven market garden, located in Janesville, California. Where we sow, grow, and harvest in the community, for the community.

Lassen County


+/- acres dedicated annually to Hay production


Number of Certified Farmer's Markets in Lassen County.


Number of "local" vegetable produces who attend the Market.


If Lassen County's Agriculture is truly a community corner stone why do we only have one Farmer's Market? Not to mention, only three local produces attending our market. Just food for thought. Here at Rustic Rancher we currently have 72 beds formed in the garden and more to come. With every passing day we look forward to sowing seeds that are destined to grow into produce that is not only good for you but taste good. All the while, grown the way nature intended it, for a community of people never more deserving. 

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Red Russian Kale


YaYa Carrorts


Get Involved

If you live near our garden, find out how you can get involved. If behind the scenes is more of your style we also except donations, which is also a vital component to our growth, as we use them for seeds, tools, and outreach.

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